Your dogs are part of your family, and you want to provide them with the finest possible health care, from routine checkups to serious diseases and injuries. CoastView Veterinary provides a calm atmosphere for furry companions going through a stressful time. Our team ensures that every pet brought to us for pet surgery is treated with compassion.

Pet Surgery and Post-Op Care

CoastView Veterinary Hospital can handle pet surgeries for everything from setting broken bones to removing foreign objects. Call ahead and schedule a time for your pet companion’s procedure. After performing a preliminary exam, our team decides which techniques and anesthesia would be best suited to help your pet. Many of the procedures we perform use anesthesia. Your companion animal will be sound asleep throughout the procedure and will not feel anything. We will call you as soon as your pet awakens from anesthesia and is ready to be picked up. The majority of animals are allowed to return home with their owners on the same day of operation.

We go over what will happen with you to ensure that you fully understand what’s involved in the pet surgery. Nothing will happen until you give consent for any procedures. After completing the surgery, our team will go over post-surgical care instructions to provide an optimal pet surgery outcome for your furry family member.

Pet Surgery in Clairemont, CA

At-Home Care after the Operation

Our doctor and staff will answer any extra questions you may have after your pet’s operation. We’ll send you home with instructions on how to care for your dog or cat after surgery. This will entail making sure the pet receives plenty of rest and following any specific feeding or nutritional guidelines. Antibiotics will almost certainly be provided for your pet to help them recuperate from the treatment.

We’ll also alert you to any potential warning indicators to look out for during your rehabilitation. For instance, if your pet stops eating or the surgical incision site starts bleeding, you should contact us right once. If all goes well, your pet should be back to full health in a few days or weeks.

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Pet Surgery in Clairemont, CA