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By October 28, 2019Blog

No Scaredy-Cats! Not at Halloween. Not Ever. Check Out our New Cat-Specific Expansion and Remodel

CoastView is celebrating our CATS ONLY side of the veterinary hospital and it is the cat’s meow!

After months of planning, construction, and thinking like a cat CoastView Veterinary Hospital has completed our new cat side of the clinic. This side of the clinic was designed to meet the physical and emotional needs of our feline friends. We continue to make improvements to meet the environmental needs of cats. Some of the features include:

  • A separate entrance exclusively for cat owners. We like to roll out the red carpet for all of our clients and patients. For kitties this means entering into a quiet lobby void of the sight, smell, and sound of dogs. A Client Service Representative will cover the carrier with a towel infused with the feline pheromone Feliway. The pheromones send calming messages to your pet, creating a sense of security and safety. The towel allows your cat the ability to hide in a new and unfamiliar environment thereby reducing their fear, anxiety, and stress.

  • We have two kitty exam rooms, both unique in their size and layout to accommodate the specific needs of the individual cat. Our first exam room is quaint and intimate, so as not to overwhelm the sensitive and scared kitty. Our second exam room is larger and designed for the playful litter of kittens, the adventurous kitty who likes to explore new environments, or the lazy kitty who likes to sprawl out on a soft rug.
  • The cat will have the opportunity to leave their carrier when they are ready.

We will NOT do this:

Or this:

In both exam rooms, cats can jump from bench to counter top and from counter top to table if they desire.

A variety of tasty treats will be available to satisfy your pets palate, including crunchy treats, whip cream, and even savory tuna or chicken.

Our Fear Free Certified Staff are trained to use quiet, calm tones when speaking with you and interacting with you cat. We always offer scratches around the chin and cheeks as this is less threatening to cats and gives them and opportunity to rub some of their pheromones on us.

When the doctor enters the exam room, she will discuss your concerns and needs for the appointment before examining your cat. This allows your cat to acclimate to the presence of a new person in the exam room. The exam will be conducted where your cat is the most comfortable; this may be in the bottom of the carrier, on the bench beside you, or even in your lap. Continuity throughout the exam is very important for cats and we will always do our best to keep the same technician with your cat throughout the exam and treatments.

Change in environment can induce fear, anxiety, and stress in cats. All of the exam rooms are equipped with the necessary tools to perform diagnostics right there, no need to transfer your kitty to the treatment area. Vaccinations, laboratory samples, and medications can all be administered in the exam room if you are comfortable with this.

At the end of your visit you will be discharged by our Fear Free Certified Client Service Representative in the privacy of the cat lobby. Your cat won’t experience curious dogs in the cat lobby during check-in or check-out.

Our goal is to create a low-stress, fear free, environment for your cat. Your cat might even look forward to their exam at Coastview Veterinary Hospital. Many of our feline friends miss out on important preventative care because of excessive stress in the veterinary setting. Our cat side of the clinic eliminates so many undue stressors for cats, ensuring their experience is as positive as possible.

As a Fear Free Certified Hospital we continue to be at the forefront of compassionate veterinary care. Please do not hesitate to come in and tour our new facilities. We are so proud of the changes we have made and we look forward to sharing our success with you.

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  • Valentina Holroyd says:

    I have never been at a vet office where the entire staff cares more about my kitty. My daughter and son-in-law feel the same about their Great Dane. So happy I found Coast View!!

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