Perhaps you are hesitant to microchip your pet because you have heard that it is a large needle or that it could be painful. However, by utilizing Fear Free techniques and strategies, we can minimize what your pet may (or may not) feel associated with microchipping. Why? Because microchipping is important snd it results in many pets being safely returned to their families.

How Does the Fear Free Procedure Work here at CoastView Veterinary?

When your pet comes in for a microchip, we will first place an ice pack over the area where the microchip is going to be inserted. The cold will slightly numb the area.

Next, our staff member administering the microchip will use the “touch gradient technique” to slowly access the area between the shoulder blades. For cats, a touch gradient begins with chin scratches, progresses to petting behind the ears, to massage of the shoulder, and then tenting of the skin between the shoulder blades. For dogs, a touch gradient begins with chest scratches, progresses to a shoulder massage, and then tenting of the skin between the shoulder blades. The gradient touch technique will reduce your pet’s startle reflex and acclimate them to our presence.

Before inserting the microchip, the veterinary staff member will gently pinch the area between the shoulders, desensitizing the area to the sensation of the poke. The microchip will be inserted smoothly and quickly under the skin. The area is then scanned to verify the correct implantation of the microchip.

A beige and brown stripped kitten sitting on an exam table

Many animals will eat tasty treats during this procedure. It can be helpful if the owner is present to administer treats. We have a variety of treats to entice your pet including cheese, whip cream, cream cheese, and savory meats.

Although a microchip can easily be implanted while the pet is awake, another option is to microchip your pet during anesthesia. For puppies and kittens, this is often completed during their spay or neuter procedures. Microchipping is included in our surgical estimates and can be easily completed at that time. Not only will our staff members make sure your pet is microchipped, we’ll also complete the registration paperwork for you. Please be sure to verify your contact information is up to date in our hospital database as this information will be used during the chip registration process with HomeAgain. Feel free to check with any of our friendly staff members as they can access the contact information we currently show for you and your pet in our own hospital database.

Microchipping can be Fear Free and non-invasive for the majority of pets. If you have questions about this procedure, please don’t hesitate to call and chat with one of our Fear Free Certified Professionals.

We look forward to hearing from you and scheduling your pet’s Fear Free microchip visit.