Dr. Laura Schultz, Dr. Kelly Pizzo, and Your Veterinary Team are Fear Free Certified!

Meet the staff, our family, of experienced veterinary professionals. It is from our genuine love of animals, dedication to our profession, and respect for the human-animal bond that we all have chosen to spend our lives providing care for your canine companions and feline friends. We’re looking forward to meeting you and your pets. In the meanwhile, please be sure to Like us on Facebook.

Dr. Laura Schultz

Hospital Owner, Fear Free Certified Veterinarian & Mobile Vet providing services throughout the greater San Diego area

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Laura grew up in a small, rural town in Virginia where she was surrounded by family pets as well as her uncle’s farm animals. She credits many influential people in her life for helping her understand the true importance and worth of every animal.

She attended Virginia Tech for her undergraduate studies in Animal Science. She continued onto the Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech to earn her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. She completed her DVM degree in 2002 and married Adam Schultz, a Naval Aviator and fellow Hokie, that same summer.

In addition to ongoing continuing education, Laura is one of the few and among the first veterinarian in the Clairemont neighborhood to achieve status as an official Fear Free Certified Professional.

Coworkers describe Dr. Schultz as the one rare doctor who stands-out and truly shines. She has a lovely bedside manner and really takes time to listen to pet owners’ concerns and answer questions. She treats all with compassion while improving the quality of lives through education and empathy.

As a leader, she creates an environment in which the technicians and vets want to do better – and to be better; better team members, better caregivers, better people. Her work ethic is amazing and she juggles all of her responsibilities with ease. She is experienced and progressive, but maintains the warmth of a neighborhood family vet.

In her own words:
I have spent my career not only as a veterinarian, but as a military spouse – moving every three years and gaining various experiences in the field. I have been so fortunate to work in many different environments including private practice (over three years right here in Clairemont), in animal shelters, and with the Army and military working dogs while living overseas. Through each experience, I have gained invaluable tools to help me become a well-rounded and compassionate veterinarian, teacher, business owner, mother, and spouse.

I have finally landed permanently in San Diego and am excited to be opening CoastView Veterinary Hospital after many years of anticipation. When not working in the animal hospital or teaching at Mesa College, I enjoy spending time with my family which includes my husband, Adam, two children, and three dogs.

Professional Affiliations:
AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association)
AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners)
AVSAB (American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior)
Adjunct Professor – Mesa College Animal Health Technology Program
Fear Free Certified Professional

Dr. Kelly Pizzo

Fear Free Certified Veterinarian serving the Clairemont area of San Diego

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I grew up in Independence, Missouri, at least during the school year. The summers and most holidays were spent on a farm near Caplinger Mills, MO. This is where my passion for veterinary medicine truly started.

I remember watching the country veterinarian patiently trying to trim hooves on some semi-wild horses. I also had the privilege to care for several Shetland ponies, and a Black Labrador named Casey.

I have always had a soft heart for animals. From the time I was in Kindergarten, I knew I wanted to be able to help any animal I came across. While the other kids in the neighborhood were pretending to be homemakers, cowboys and teachers, I pretended to be a veterinarian. I would loan my stuffed animals to my playmates and they would bring them to my “office” to be healed.

Although it was always my dream to become a veterinarian, it wasn’t until Casey died in my arms during my senior year in high school that my dream transformed into determination. I felt so helpless not being able to do something – anything – for my beloved dog. At that point, I became even more determined to find a way to help each and every animal who crossed my path. I’m certain it was that passion-fueled determination which kept me focused through undergraduate college and the tough pre-vet courses.

I attended the University of Missouri, Columbia and received my bachelor’s degree in 1987. I graduated in 1991 with my DVM degree. Shortly after graduation, I married Don Pizzo and moved to Galveston, Texas where he was in graduate school. I practiced veterinary medicine in Texas for four years before moving to San Diego.

I live in Clairemont with my husband Don and our three sons, Anthony, Vincent, and Nicholas. We also share our home with three black labs, Diego, Maverick and Rogue, as well as two cats, Phoenix and Shadow Fax who we adopted from The San Diego Humane Society.

I am blessed to once again be working alongside Dr. Laura Schultz. Laura and I previously worked together at a small animal hospital in Clairemont Square Shopping Center. She is an outstanding veterinarian and a wonderful friend who shares my same level of compassion for animals, dedication to the veterinary profession, and commitment to community.

And I am grateful to once again be working in Clairemont close to my home, my church, and clients, the pet caregivers, who I have come to know and care for as much as I care for their companion animals.

Dr. Dore Pei

Fear Free Certified Veterinarian serving the Clairemont area of San Diego

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In second grade I dreamed of becoming a veterinarian and I am so fortunate to have made that dream come true by caring for furry critters and their families. I received my bachelors of science in Biology at the University of California, Irvine then got accepted into Ross University with finishing my clinical rotations at the University of Minnesota School of Veterinary Medicine in 2013.

After graduation, I moved to San Diego where I met my husband and now live with our 2 dogs. I am excited to be part of the CoastView Veterinary family and look forward to meeting you and your beloved pets!

Diane (Dee) W.

Fear Free Certified Registered Veterinary Technician

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Dee has been working in the veterinary field for nearly twenty years. After graduating from San Diego State University in 1995, Dee wanted to turn her lifelong love of animals into a career.

She completed the Veterinary Assisting program through San Diego’s Regional Occupational Program which led to a full-time job as a veterinary assistant at a small animal clinic.

She later obtained her Animal Health Technology credential (now called Registered Veterinary Technician) through Mesa College’s prestigious program and became a licensed practitioner after passing the California Veterinary Medical Board Exam in 2002.

Dee’s professional interests include anesthesia safety, feline friendly veterinary care, and puppy care. She lives in the Clairemont area of San Diego with her husband, Steve and their two young children, three fur babies (Doberman, Chihuahua, and a fluffy cat) plus three less cuddly but still lovable creatures (tortoise and two frogs). When not chasing around two kids and six pets, Dee and Steve enjoy camping, gardening and living the San Diego lifestyle.

Coworkers describe Dee as the person you want there during an emergency. She helps keep those around her grounded and focused. She is detail oriented and highly motivated. Dogs and cats like being around her, too. She has a calming presence and is extremely gentle when working with pets.

In her own words:
Although I’ve been working with animals for nearly twenty years in a variety of settings, a highlight in my career is one year working in a small town in Arizona. The veterinary hospital was considered “mixed” meaning we treated horses and livestock as well as dogs and cats. That exposure was so fun and so different from city veterinary medicine. For me, however, there is still nothing better than working with a wonderful veterinarian treating cats and dogs. I love, love, love getting to know a puppy or kitten patient and seeing them throughout their lifetime of care and well into their senior years.


Fear Free Certified Registered Veterinary Technician

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Erica was born and raised in San Diego and currently shares her home with her fiance, daughter, one cat, and a pet bearded dragon.

She has always had an interest in animals; large and small. She graduated from San Diego Mesa College in 2016, passed her state medical board exam, and is now a credentialed R.V.T. (Registered Veterinary Technician) at CoastView Veterinary Hospital. Her professional interests include radiology and animal behavior.


Fear Free Certified Registered Veterinary Technician

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Lisa is a recent transplant to San Diego in April of 2018. She moved to be closer to her family. She was born and raised in the Midwest living mostly near Chicago and Detroit. She has 2 dogs, a terrier/shepherd mix named Maggie, and a lab/husky mix named Diesel. In her spare time, she enjoys visiting the zoo, going to the museums at Balboa, reading, sewing, and spending time with her niece and nephew.

Lisa has always loved animals and grew up as a young child wanting to be a veterinarian. As she got older, she realized that becoming a veterinarian was much more difficult and complex than she understood as a child, so she pursued other career paths. After working in a few other jobs, she realized that she lacked a true passion for her work, and having a better understanding of other positions in the veterinary field, decided to return to school for veterinary technology. She earned her degree in 2014 and has worked as an LVT in Michigan since then, and now an RVT in California. She truly loves the field as it combines her passion for animals with her love of science and medicine and feels that she has definitely found her calling. Her particular interests in the field included diagnostics, bandaging, dental prophylaxis, and surgical recovery. She is excited to be a part of the CoastView team and looks forward to meeting and getting to know people and pets of Clairemont.

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Fear Free Certified Registered Veterinary Technician

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Summer is a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) who has a strong interest in animal behavior. Her interest in behavioral management and training started at a young age. In junior high she visited the zoo and wondered how they taught the animals to perform in the show. Once she learned about positive reinforcement training, she was hooked! Along with becoming a veterinary technician, this interest led her to a BA in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Animal Behavior. She is also on the Board of Directors for the Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians.

Summer is passionate about creating a calm experience for patients. She is Low Stress Handling Certified, and a Fear Free Level 3 Certified Professional. She finds it incredibly rewarding to teach pets not to fear handling and to work with owners to train their pets to happily accept veterinary care.

In her leisure time, she enjoys reading, hiking, and going to museums.


Fear Free Certified Registered Veterinary Technician

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Leanne became part of the Coastview family in 2018, but she has worked in the veterinary field since 2004. She attended San Diego State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She lives with her husband, 2 dogs (Dinah and Rigby), bunny (Grayson), and cat (Lion). She enjoys hiking, spending time with friends, and traveling. On the weekends you might find Leanne and her family kayaking in the San Diego Bay with Dinah and Rigby sitting at the bow of the boat.

Leanne’s love for animal medicine is fortified by her admiration of the human animal bond. She quickly realized a passion for animal behavior when she saw how behavior impacts our relationship with our pets. She obtained her Registered Veterinary Technician License in 2014. She has lectured at the Western Veterinary Conference and has an interest in client and staff education. She is currently pursuing her Veterinary Technician Specialty in Behavior, a credential that will allow her to impart credible knowledge about behavior and offer specialized training services. Leanne is elated to be working with individuals who share her same philosophy for compassionate care and exceptional client service. She is excited to get to know you and your pet family, so drop by for a “Fear Free Happy Visit” and say hi to Leanne.


Fear Free Certified Veterinary Assistant

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Cassie was born and raised in a small town in Ohio. While living there, she loved riding horses. She has also shared her home with dogs and cats – most of whom were rescues. Currently, she shares her home with her husband who is proudly serving in the Navy.

Cassie started working at CoastView Veterinary Hospital in February of 2018, but her veterinary career began three years prior at an emergency animal hospital.

Cassie has a calm and gentle nature which is a perfect fit for a Fear Free Certified veterinary hospital. She has since earned her official Fear Free Veterinary Professional Certification.


Fear Free Certified Veterinary Assistant

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Karolynn was born and raised here in San Diego. She currently lives in Lakeside along with her fiance, daughter, and two cats. They enjoy spending family time together and visiting the San Diego Zoo.

Karolynn’s love for animals began during her childhood after she adopted her first kitten. Her love of the veterinary field has only grown – especially since she started working at CoastView Veterinary Hospital and earned her official Fear Free Professional Certification. Her professional interests include dentistry, microbiology, and animal behavior.


Fear Free Certified Veterinary Assistant

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Nikki was born and raised here in San Diego. She has always loved animals and at one point she shared her home with two birds, three dogs, one cat, one guinea pig, a ball python, and a salamander. She says she was ‘that kid’ in the neighborhood who tried to save the baby birds that fell out of trees and constantly asked her mom if she could keep – even just one of – the lizards she caught around the house.

During her senior year in high school, Nikki was required to give a presentation about the career she intended to pursue after graduation. She had already researched the Animal Health Technician program at Mesa College and knew there wasn’t any other road she wanted to take. Nikki was confident in her decision and knew once she gained the knowledge and honed her skills that she could save the lives of animals or help make their lives better. Nikki is now doing exactly what she set out to accomplish here at CoastView Veterinary Hospital.


Fear Free Certified Veterinary Assistant

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Angelica loves the outdoors and all things nature. Her love for animals began as a kid growing up in Mexico (she is fluent in Spanish) as she and her cousins enjoyed caring for, feeding, and hanging out with the cows and other farm animals. It all felt very natural and she couldn’t help but feel the happiest around animals. And since she was always trying to bring animals home or help them in any way possible, it was a natural decision to pursue a career in the animal health care field.

Angelica attended the Veterinary Assistant Program at Pima Medical Institute. She gained the knowledge to help her grow and the skills needed to help your furry loved ones to live happier and healthier lives.

Before joining CoastView Veterinary, Angelica worked at other animal hospitals, including working with Dr. Schultz at the San Diego Humane Society. She offers confidence and experience to her fellow teammates at CoastView Vet. She looks forward to meeting your pets and providing the highest quality medical care in a Fear Free Certified Practice.


Fear Free Certified Veterinary Assistant

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Maryjane grew up in Rancho Cucamonga area of California – where, as a toddler, her love for and desire to be around animals began.

Maryjane is an auntie to three little boys who are her best buddies. Spending time with her family, which currently includes two cats and one dog, is one of her many simple pleasures in life. She also enjoys hiking in the mountains, doing crossfit, and exploring all of San Diego’s restaurants.

Maryjane is currently a student in Mesa College’s Animal Health Technology program and is working toward achieving the status of a Registered Veterinary Technician. She truly loves every minute of her education and is excited to continue to grow within the field at Coastview Veterinary Hospital. She is very passionate about giving animals the respect and care they deserve. Maryjane hopes to contribute to a better community for pet owners while enriching their bonds with their pets.


Fear Free Certified Veterinary Assistant

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Madison was born and raised in her favorite city, San Diego. She was always surrounded by four-legged friends while growing up including tortoises, rats, dogs, cats, and guinea pigs. She currently has three dogs at home: a yorkie/schnauzer mix named Willow, a pug-dachshund mix named Charles, and a sweet, senior, Brittany named Hailey. Her love of animals is what drove her on the path to working with them.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. During the summers of her sophomore and junior years, she interned at a pet hospital to learn about the world of animal medicine, and fell in love with it. Now she works here with us and is inspired every day by the care that we bring both emotionally and medically to our patients. She is passionate about the unique experience we offer to pets and the work we do to redefine the pet perspective of care.


Fear Free Certified Veterinary Assistant

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Kayla was born and raised on a 100 acre farm in a small Kentucky town. She grew up bringing home strays as a young girl, and learned to care for orphaned wildlife from her mother, who shares her passion for animals. She bought Kayla ‘The Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds’ as a young girl, and always took her to watch the Newfoundlands at the city dog show. At one point, the two shared their home with 7 dogs, 6 cats, 2 guineas pigs, 1 squirrel, a raccoon, prairie dog and multiple birds. (And don’t forget the outdoor cats).

She landed her first job at a veterinary hospital at just 16 years of age. Kayla currently has two pit bulls of her own, and adores the misunderstood breed. She volunteers at the San Diego Humane Society, where one of her children were rescued, and hopes to spread awareness for these loving creatures.

Diane L

Fear Free Certified Veterinary Office Manager

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Diane completed the Veterinary Assistant Program through the San Diego Regional Occupational Program in 1999 and has been working in the veterinary field ever since.

In addition to her continuing education requirements, Diane has recently completed the official Fear Free Initiative educational courses and is a Certified Fear Free Professional Practitioner.

Her professional interests include dental health and hospital safety. Although she has spent the majority of her time as a Veterinary Assistant, she is much more than merely an assistant.

Dr. Schultz realized early on that she needed an amazing and strong person to help begin CoastView Veterinary Hospital. After working with Diane for many years at another local Clairemont animal hospital, Dr. Schultz asked Diane to step into the Office Manager role and she has done so with great enthusiasm. Diane is the right hand of CoastView Veterinary Hospital as she maintains all the inner workings of the clinic, management responsibilities, as well as continues to be in charge of our hospital’s OSHA regulations.

Diane shares her home with her husband, Darrell, their dog, Bunny, and cat, GB. She and Darrell have an infinite love of San Diego and enjoy spending time with their large extended family. In her spare time, Diane enjoys reading, camping and being outdoors.

Coworkers describe Diane as having a genuine love for people and their pets. She always has a smile, is up for any challenge and readily accepts responsibility. She has a very soothing way about her. The animals she works with can definitely feel her genuine care. Her memory is amazing. She can remember the pets, their personalities, and their medical history.

In her own words:
I love my job and feel privileged to improve the lives of companion animals and the people who love them.


Fear Free Certified Client Service Representative

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Moriah has always loved animals. She grew-up with cats, dogs, rabbits, and horses. Currently, she shares her home with her husband, two great kids, the medical miracle otherwise known as Godiva the dog, two rambunctious kitties, and Boris the ‘ginormous’ guinea pig.

After working with Cathy, Diane, Dee, and Dr. Kelly Pizzo many moons ago at different animal hospitals, CoastView Vet found Moriah in a well-preserved vault holding one of her most coveted positions; stay at home mom. Now that her kids are older, Moriah has returned to the veterinary field. As a Fear Free Certified professional and receptionist, Moriah’s is likely the first nose your furry friends’ nose will meet when visiting CoastView Vet Hospital. She says she is thrilled to be back in the field she loves and is looking forward to meeting and interacting with all of the amazing clients and pets.


CVA (Certified Veterinary Assistant) and CSR (Client Services Representative)
Fear Free Certified Professional

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Wendy grew up in the City Heights area of San Diego. Now, with two children of her own, Wendy loves to spend family time at parks, movies, or simply playing at home being ‘a big kid.’

It wasn’t until she had a break from community college that she realized she had such a big heart for little critters. Wendy attended Pima Institute’s Certified Veterinary Assistant program and began working at the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility where she not only honed her technical skills, but also grew her love of caring for cats and dogs.

After 2-½ years at the animal care facility, Wendy went to work at a small animal hospital in the Hillcrest area of San Diego where she was able to further grow in her capacity as a receptionist and veterinary assistant. Wendy has recently joined the CoastView family and says she is incredibly grateful, excited, and cannot wait to meet all of you – the wonderful clients, family members, and four-legged friends who visit CoastView Vet.


Fear Free Certified Client Service Representative

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Carly was born and raised in San Diego. After graduating from La Costa Canyon High School in 2013, she attended Santa Barbara Community College where she earned her Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences: Social and Behavioral Sciences Emphasis. Currently, she is enrolled at San Diego State University and is studying for her Bachelor of Arts in Comparative International Studies.

Carly started working in the veterinary field when she accepted a position at Carpinteria Veterinary Hospital in 2015. Although she did not have experience in the veterinary field at the time, she always had a strong connection to animals. Her many pets throughout her lifetime include three dogs, two cats, two cockatiels, a guinea pig, a few mice, and several fish. She is now looking forward to learning and growing with the CoastView veterinary team and says she could not be happier to be working with such amazing people.