CoastView Veterinary Hospital is a full-service animal hospital providing comprehensive medical, dental and surgical care.

Wellness Care for Dogs and Cats

Together, we’ll keep your pets healthy and happy through a common sense approach to diet/nutrition, preventive care, early detection screening, and parasite control.

Care for Sick Pets

You know your pet better than anyone else. If you believe something is wrong, we’ll believe you. And we’ll do our best to determine the underlying problems in order to get your special companion feeling their best.

Injuries and Emergencies

As sad as this can be, it happens. Dogs get into all kinds of mischief ranging from bee stings and dumpster diving to injuries sustained in car accidents. Cats can sneak outside and take an innocent nibble of a toxic plant or flower. When possible, and when in the best interest of your pet, we’ll see emergencies during normal business hours at our hospital. However, in most cases we will refer to one of the many exceptional 24-hour emergency animal clinics here in San Diego.

Onsite Diagnostic Services

Onsite X-Ray and ultrasound equipment saves lives and gives us one more important tool to help us make the correct diagnosis. The best treatment plan begins with the correct diagnosis. To ensure the best plan of care, in certain cases we work with a local radiologist to help us review radiographs.

Onsite & Online Pharmacy

Although we utilize our online pharmacy for many medications, we stock the important medications your pet may need right away and can’t wait for next day delivery.

Veterinary Surgery

In addition to spay and neuter surgery, your pet will be in good hands should they need more advanced surgery. In certain cases, we’ll refer to one of the board certified specialists here in the San Diego area.

Pet Dental Care

Dental health impacts your pet’s health on many levels. Good oral hygiene can prevent a multitude of diseases ranging from gum disease to heart failure.

Pain Management

We are experts at preventing and managing pain even when your pets think they are not showing pain (dogs and cats are experts at hiding pain). Veterinary medicine has come a long way in the last few years when it comes to recognizing the ways dogs and cats express pain – and how we can best prevent and/or manage their pain. You can rest assured your fur baby will be kept as comfortable as possible at all times.

End-of-Life Planning • Hospice and Palliative Care • Euthanasia

As difficult as it is to talk about, or even think about saying goodbye to your good friend, having a plan in place ahead of time can truly help mitigate some of the worry and stress surrounding these difficult decisions during what is often an emotionally charged situation. It may be helpful to think about end-of-life planning as another stage of life. Just as we planned your pet’s care during puppyhood or kitten-hood, we now plan for their geriatric stage of life, and their final stage of life.